M&A Wrecker Service Inc. may enlist and use Third Party Contractors for any and all service requests from Member to better serve Member’s needs and requests as M&A finds necessary. Member is responsible for Third Party Contractors sarges that exceed covered Maximum limit in Member’s chosen “package” at contractors rates. Delivery of fuel is covered but member is responsible for purchasing the amount of fuel delivered. M&A is not responsible for damages done or caused by Third Party Contractors or their equipment. Issues between Member and Third Party Contractors will be resolves without the involvement of M&A. Member agrees to answer detailed questions from M&A when calling to request services, and understands that the questions help M&A find and serve Member’s needs. the following vehicles are excluded from receiving services from this members contract: Pickup Trucks, vans and delivery vehicles larger than 2500 series (3/4 ton), commercial 1500 and 2500 pickup trucks without manufacturers installed rear cargo box (truck bed), vehicles with tires taller than 35″, vehicles with overall width greater than 78″, trailers, ATV’s, UTV’s, non-motorized vehicles and all vehicles not legal for use on public roadway. Services under this membership contract will only be eligible to member when vehicle is within on vehicle length from public maintained roadway, beyond one vehicle length form public maintains roadway will result in overage charges which Member will be responsible for. Member or household member must be present at time of service and possess a valid driver license reflecting number listed on account. this membership contract is not eligible for use of its services when towing or disablement of vehicle has resulted from an type of Law Enforcement tow or impound. Member understands the Law Enforcement is to be immediately notified in the event of an accident regardless if another vehicle is involved or not, and that leaving the roadway unintentionally falls under Law Enforcement jurisdictions. Member is responsible for providing M&A or Third Party Contractor with an accurate location to receive services. Member give M&A the right to void this membership contract at anytime as a result of member’s failure to pay membership package fee, failure to make agreed installment payments, giving false information to receive services, being belligerent or use of profanity during service request calls or M&A office visits or with drivers and other service providers. Financed contracts will be set up bank draft using banking information provided by Member and subject to down payments, processing fees, handling fees, and sales tax as outlined in finance agreement. Membership cost or payments toward contract will not be refunded for Member not needing service during the contract year. this membership is not insurance or a substitution for insurance of any kind and will not pay for damages to vehicles or property. Member will endure wait time while waiting on service provider to arrive at their location. Length of wait time will depend on members location. M&A reserves the right to provide services with M&A personnel and equipment regardless of member’s location. Third Party Contractors will be used to get member off roadway and to a point of repair or more comfortable location to await further assistance. Miles past package covered will be charges to Member at a rate of $0.50 per mile when service e is performed by M&A personnel or equipment and must be paid at tim of service performed.